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August short fiction by women

Feminist SF – The Blog! has a great (nigh-exhaustive!) list of short stories by women in scifi, fantasy, and horror here.  I say “nigh” not because I know of any others right now, but because you know, it’s the Internet.  There gotta be more.

Thanks, FSF – TB! !


Enter to win original artwork by Brom

HarperCollins is promoting Brom’s new book, The Child Thief. Enter to win an original artwork here.

The Child Thief

A lot of sugar for a dime.

It occurred to me that I should have a blog like this, a home base and jumping-off point for my adventures in writin’ and readin’.  So now I have one…and I’m post-shy.  Come on in, make yourself at home.  We’ll just sit here until someone thinks of something to say.  Maybe we can watch Blazing Saddles while we wait.  That sounds like a good time.