Reading and (re)reading…

The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham

I just picked this one up again–it’s a New York Review of Books edition, which makes my heart sing.  I love that series, and would happily spend a year reading through every book in it, if someone were willing to cook, clean, and work for me while I did it.  I read this in high school (Canadian curriculum) and am enjoying a re-read now.  This, combined with On the Beach and My Side of the Mountain, are somehow inextricably linked, in my mind, with growing up in the 1980s.

Rex Libris: I, Librarian, by James Turner

A stylish, dense graphic novel with a sense of humor about library and comic book conventions.  A little heavy on the narrative chit-chat, with a tendency to get bogged down in its own world-creation in this first book.  And it needed another pair of sharp eyes to copyedit it before it went to press.  But overall, a great, fun read with great potential for a series.  How can you not love a book that starts out with Ranganathan’s Laws?

In other news, WordPress seems to have done strange things to its image uploader, at least for Mac.


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