Jeff VanderMeer’s Booklife


I picked up a copy of Jeff VanderMeer’s new book, Booklife, and I have to say:  wow.  It’s terrific.  This isn’t a real review because I’m only a few pages in, and skipping around like crazy, but so far I’m…well, I’m kind of giddy.  I don’t quite know why I never took my writing life in hand as sensibly and pragmatically as VanderMeer suggests, with a mission statement and a set of strategic and tactical goals.  I do that stuff at work, but work is amorphous and interminable, and doesn’t fit into the same category in my brain.  It’s tremendously liberating, as well as a little sneaky-feeling, to import those ideas into my writing life.  It feels…empowering.  Giddy and empowering.  And I really like how VanderMeer looks at new media and the changing nature of publishing.  I don’t have coherent thoughts yet, but I like his style.   And I’ll be recommending the book to my writing friends, who are always looking for good strategies for surviving this nutty life.

The book has a companion website, which is eminently RSS-able.


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