Win mysteries from a book pirate.

Colin Matthew, over at The Book Pirate,* is offering a free mystery parcel of mystery books, for the low-low price of commenting, tweeting, or posting about his offer.  (I guess I’m entering, by posting this–ah, the circular Internet.)  At the same time you can check out his great blog, and get acquainted with local mystery bookshop Murder by the Book.

*  Best blog name EVER.


2 responses to “Win mysteries from a book pirate.

  1. You won BTW. You should totally respond to the e-mail I sent you so I can send you your books.

    • Hi Colin,

      I’m not sure if we’ve connected yet–I think we keep missing each other! I’ve emailed you from my gmail account, with thanks and an address. Let me know if you need more, and thanks for following up!

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