Concord Free Press: Books for free, for good.

concord free press logo

Concord Free Press logo

Concord Free Press has the coolest idea:  they’ll send you a free book if you donate to a worthy cause.  That’s it.  You can donate money or items, to any cause you like.  You just tell them about it on their site, so they can track how many donations their books have generated.

The most recent book (all gone now) is a short novel by Gregory Maguire, of Wicked fame.  It’s titled The Next Queen of Heaven, and the cover design (pro bono by design firm Alphabetica) looks gorgeous.  If you’re bummed that you can’t get a copy of the book anymore, you can always shop for a poster or a T-shirt, and help keep Concord going that way.  Or you can straight-up donate via PayPal, or submit your writing to I.O.U., their upcoming collection about money and stuff.

In any case, Concord’s doing a great job of jumping into the deep end of the “where the hell is publishing going?” pool, and I like their freestyle.

Banner image nicked from the CFP site.


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