Books I read in 2009: a concrete poem, sort of.

Book collage by Shape Collage

Every year I like to try to read 50 books, and every year I pretty much fail.  Except last year!  In 2009 I tackled something like 55 books, most of which had lots of words in them.  Some were great, some were so-so, a few stank.  It’s sort of startling to see them all together in one place, and to remember back to January 2009, when I was still working on Treasure Island and War of the Worlds.  Startling, but satisfying.

2010 is the year I’m joining GoodReads, just to get this mess sorted out.

NB:  If you’re reading on a RSS reader, you’re missing the groovy book jacket collage, courtesy of Shape Collage.  You too can create a collage of pictures of your cat, shaped like a cat!  It’s sort of like concrete poetry, but…not.


3 responses to “Books I read in 2009: a concrete poem, sort of.

  1. Very late to the party, but you read The Good Thief? What did you think? I enjoyed it and am really just a fan of Hannah Tinti’s because of the awesomeness of One Story.

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