Brian Evenson & In the Loop

Brian Evenson

Thanks to Matthew Cheney for linking to this great interview with Brian Evenson at Rain Taxi.  Evenson’s detective-horror novel Last Days caught my eye recently because it’s published by local Underland Press, and just won a Best Horror Novel of 2009 award from the American Library Association.  Evenson’s got quite a crop of awards under his belt, including an NEA fellowship and the O. Henry prize.   He directs the Literary Arts program at Brown University.  I’m always intrigued by writers who seem to fit into both the literary and the “genre” slot.  (Whatever that means this week.)

I also recently watched In the Loop, based on Cheney’s mention of it in his blog.  It’s a frantic, hilarious black comedy about the rush to war in a slightly fictionalized London and Washington DC, presumably in the Bush era.  Watching it was like seeing office politics raised to the nth level–I recognized so many of the backroom tactics and coercion strategies I’ve seen in my working lives.  But with better dialogue.  It was horrifying and at the same time fascinating and obscurely gratifying–I hated these people, and yet I wanted to watch them for hours.  I sat through the DVD extras until midnight.


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