Guilty Pleasure, or, Why I Love Powell’s as it Expertly Fleeces Me

Louise Erdrich, Shadow Tag cover

In January I cast caution to the wind and signed up for the Powell’s Indispensable subscription–$39.95 every six weeks for an undisclosed shipment of small-press books, books by emerging authors, and assorted book-related stuff.  This week I got my first shipment, which included a special slipcovered edition of Louise Erdrich’s new novel, Shadow Tag*, as well as a red-backed writing journal (it ties into the theme of the novel), and an ARC of Lionel Shriver’s So Much for That.  Oh, and a little box of cookies from Two Tarts (delicious) as well as some personally-worded postcards from Erdrich and Shriver.  (“Dear Indispensable Reader…”)

Basically, Powell’s has its act together, and it also has my number.  Would I have bought these books (in hard cover, no less) on my lonesome?  Probably not.  Am I glad to have them?  Definitely.  Sometimes the book buyer just needs a little extra help pulling the trigger.  Sending me a surprise package in the mail, complete with cookies?  Is all the help I need.

*  No, this is not a book by an emerging author or a small press.  I am okay with this.


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