A book pirate sends mysteries

I would be most remiss if I didn’t send out big thanks to Colin Matthew, The Book Pirate, who kindly sent me a mysterious wrapped parcel of mysteries from Murder by the Book.  It was indeed a mystery, since Colin didn’t know what was in the parcel either (thanks to MbtB’s crafty pre-wrapping ways.)

And so, the reveal:

Getting Old is a DisasterThe Hooded HawkeDown Among the Dead Men

That is:

Getting Old is a Disaster, by Rita Lakin, The Hooded Hawke, by Karen Harper, and Down Among the Dead Men, by Patricia Moyes.  A quick spin through the Internet reveals that Ms. Lakin wrote for television for many years (Dr. Kildare, The Mod Squad, and OMG DYNASTY!!) She looks awesome.

Rita Lakin

Ms. Harper also looks pretty great, though maybe a bit more austere.

Karen Harper

Patricia Moyes is downright elusive.  (Mysterious?)

I grew up in a house where the shelf in the front hall was dedicated to an ever-changing array of mystery novels–my parents were big mystery readers, and big library users.  Still are, as far as I know.  And in some sense, isn’t every book a mystery?  Isn’t life?  I say it is.  And I say that calls for dancing pirates.

Thanks, Colin!


One response to “A book pirate sends mysteries

  1. I’m glad you got the package! Getting Old Is a Disaster looks hilarious.

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