Steve Almond on self-publishing

Steve Almond: This Won't Take But a Minute

Steve Almond writes in The Rumpus about self-publishing with the Espresso Book Machine.

The idea of self-publishing via print-on-demand technology has been coming up for me over and over lately.  Is it me?  Is it the sea change in the publishing industry?  Is it really good marketing by the print-on-demand people?  Probably all of the above.

Upshot: I can see this getting more mainstream, more feasible, more done, as we work out the kinks.  It takes four minutes for the EBM to cough out a book.  If you have some way to distribute, promote, and sell that book?  (As Almond does, because he’s an established author who sells at readings, and Harvard’s bookstore prints and stocks copies of his book.)  There’s no reason this can’t be one of your publishing options.  I can see us moving toward a publishing model where authors publish and sell books in a variety of ways, even simultaneously.  The way we’ve already adopted different ways of publishing and selling articles–some to print publications, some to websites, some to online journals, and so on.


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