Curiosity: Chladni plates

Just came across Meara O’Reilly, who makes instruments and plays them.  One of them is based on Chladni plates, except instead of a violin bow she uses her own voice to make the patterns form.

In her words:

Chladni patterns were discovered by Robert Hook and Ernst Chladni in the 18th and 19th centuries. They found that when they bowed a piece of glass covered in flour, (using an ordinary violin bow), the powder arranged itself in resonant patterns according to places of stillness and vibration. Today, Chladni plates are often electronically driven by tone generators and used in scientific demonstrations, but with carefully sung notes (and a transducer driving the plate), I’m able to explore the same resonances. I’m currently writing songs based on sequences of patterns.

File with “theramin” under “things that make me happy.”


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