Love the covers (and more): Tomer Hanuka

My lovely wife just pointed out to me the work of Tomer Hanuka, who designs comic books, book jackets, posters, and other delicious works.  Hanuka is, in my lovely wife’s words, “wildly talented.”  No kidding.  I mean, look.

Tomer Hanuka

I don’t know the client for this image, and I don’t want to grab more because it’s not exactly cool to reproduce an artist’s willy-nilly all over the Internet, I’m thinking.  But you can see several book covers and related images here:  for Zeitoun, for The Gigolo Murder, “Old Moab,” a short story by Ron Carlson, and Appointment in Samarra, by John O’Hara.  (I love that last one to pieces.)

Hanuka has an incredible range and a style that’s a little bit Aubrey Beardsley, a little bit Paul Duffield, a little bit all his own genius.  What would I give for this guy to design a book jacket for me someday?  Well, I have a cat who’s not currently paying rent.  What’s the market value of a non-rent-paying cat these days?

PS:  You can read “The Dirties,” a free online comic by Hanuka, here.


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