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Short urban SF film: The Raven

Great production values in this terrific short film, set in a futuristic Los Angeles.

The Raven, directed by Ricardo de Monteuil.

The Raven

No embedding at the site, but definitely worth the click-through.


Delightful equality

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like, a Tumblr blog.

I love this.

Pictures to love.

Recently I came across Corey Arnold‘s photography, in a couple of serendipitous exchanges.  Arnold is a photographer and also a professional fisherman.  He takes pictures of people, crabs, fishes, and the most beautiful and barren landscapes around:  the wide open ocean, the Arctic, the Bering Strait.  I love his work.

Corey Arnold

This one’s hanging in the gallery right beside my office, no joke.  It’s just two walls away.  If I could saw through the wall and escape with it, I would.*

*Not actually intending to commit art theft.

Ut omnia bene, PNW Reader, and my general absentitude

I’m a little away from my mental desk right now, for reasons that I hope will resolve themselves soon.  In the meantime, though, the publication timeline for The Pacific Northwest Reader continues to advance, and Gigi Little over at ut omnia bene continues to post her awesome countdown.  She did one for my piece here, and one for Matthew Simmons‘s piece here.

Two things about this:

1.  I heard Matthew read from his surreal American roadtrip novella,  A Jello Horse.  In the section I heard, we visited The House of Two Thousand Telephones, and saw a herd of giant antelope devour Madison, WI.  For reals.

2.  His piece in TPNWR is about Bigfoot.

I think we can safely say, that’s going to be an essay worth reading.

Apparently you’ll be able to track these books down a little more easily than we thought at first–Barnes & Noble is picking up some copies.  Although obviously you’ll want to talk to your local indie bookseller first…

Thanks for the great posts, Gigi!