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The Wigleaf Top 50.  Very short fictions from 2010.  Selected by Brian Evenson.

Wigleaf Top 50 2010


The Pacific Northwest Reader, hitting the stands big-time.

Pacific Northwest Reader

Gigi Little, Merchandising and Promotions Coordinator at Powell’s Books on Burnside, has put together a totally awesome window (and inside shelf) display for The Pacific Northwest Reader.

Needless to say, it rocks with all due hardness.

If you pick up a copy of the book, at Powell’s or another indie bookseller near you (or at Barnes & Noble, apparently) you can read pieces by Gigi, Matthew Simmons, and many other fine and talented bookish people from the great PNW.  And also by me.

Major kudos to Greg Mortimer of Ecco, too, for his awesome cover design.


Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali teaches elocution to Edward Mulhare.


“No, no…Conn-ekt-i-COOT-ay.”

“I can’t get up that high.”

Google Editions

Google will start selling digital books in June or July of this year, using a non-proprietary file type that will work with multiple devices.  In other words, DIE KINDLE DIE.

I can’t say I’m going to mourn the Kindle model, because IMHO it sucks.  However, I’m also not sure I’m delighted about Google starting to sell digital books.  At least one part of my distaste at the Amazon model–the monolithic entity through which all revenue flows–is going to be reproduced in the Google model, too.  Unless they decide to route all that money to, I guess.

Meanwhile, indie booksellers and libraries are scraping by, or not scraping by…

Bicyclists in South Africa: a book-to-be

There’s an awesome project up on Kickstarter right now:  Bicycle Portraits / Everyday South Africans and their bicycles.

Go, check it out.  Consider sending them a few bucks (and maybe getting the book when it’s published.)

The video is killer.

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead cover

Some thoughts about Frank Meeink’s beer-guzzling, head-shaving, dope-doing, mosh-pit-brawling memoir, Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead.

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