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Justin Cronin, The Passage

Justin Cronin, The Passage

Just to say, in a loose-fisted, dumb-headed kind of way, that I really want to read this book.  Powell’s does a great interview with Cronin here.  A massive vampire saga told by a literary author who loves science?  And he’s a runner?  I don’t even care about the bajillion-dollar rights deal.  SOLD.


First books.

Hobart asks a dozen first-time authors to take part in a round-table conversation about their experience publishing their first book.  The results are sobering, inspiring, unsettling, thought-provoking.

“I admire the way that Stephen Elliot handled his tour, and I enjoyed his reading here in Chicago, but I frankly can’t imagine the project of travelling the country and looking into all of these people’s eyes and basically asking them to buy my book. Standing in living rooms and kitchens… I’d begin to feel like a vacuum man.”