Monthly Archives: October 2010


After a long hiatus, I’m jump-started by Wordstock.  Jeff Baker has a post here about the future of reading panel, which I missed.  I think it’s safe to say there is a future.  Also safe to say we don’t know what it will be.

I went to two workshops; the first, by April Henry, was a little light on content I could use (I think?), but charming.  Henry seems smart, funny, grounded, and right-thinking, in my humble opinion.  She also freely disclosed that her work for TV, not her series novels, is what allowed her to quit her day job.  Ah, yes.

The second workshop, which shall go unnamed, was not so good.  I will say that I suspect that teaching in an MFA program is a little poisonous to a writer’s soul.  Henry’s talk was pragmatic, maybe a little slow-pitch, but completely free of condescension or attitude.  She’s a working writer who makes her living from her stories.  The second workshop was given by someone who not only writes, but teaches for a living.  I think something happens to your brain when you read too many earnest, inept stories by twenty-somethings.  You become a little pasha, and everything you say and think is right.  Or at least, that’s what seemed to have happened there.

Note to self:  if you lose all humility and all uncertainty, I think your goose might be cooked.