Friday drive-by

And somehow it’s been…a billion years since I last posted.  How did that happen?  I have no idea.

It’s NaNoWriMo.  I’m not doing it, but I know people who are.  Godspeed, friends.

I’m sort of in love with Roxane Gay’s blog.  She makes me laugh.  Roxane, if you need librarian backup, let me know.

Also pretty much in love with

Also amazed at how low-fi sci-fi movie projects are coming along these days.  Holy…cow.  I want these guys to film a book for me.

Also, Percival Everett has a house on Vancouver Island?  Since when?  How did I not know this?  Nobody tells me anything.

Also, Soapstone is ending its residency program.  Bummer.


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