Hiromi Goto posting at Omnivoracious

Signal-boosting (ha) from Jeff VanderMeer’s blog.

Hiromi Goto is the author of The Kappa Child, a book my wife loved and recommended to me years ago.  Most recently, she has a new YA/adult-crossover-dark-fantasy titled Half World.  And right now she’s posting at Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog on some interesting topics:  dark fantasy and realism, romance (and lack thereof) in dark fantasy, and soon, how fantasy and horror work together.

I have to say, the cover of Half World is gorgeous.

halfworld cover

And I know the author / = / the text and we’re all postmodern and stuff, but Goto looks exactly the way I think I’d hoped she would look, if I ever thought to hope such a thing.

hiromi goto

And hey, she’s also Canadian.  Three points!


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