Best American Shorts (a microcosm)

I don’t think I have anything really intelligent to add to what Roxane Gay is talking about over at HTMLGiant, here and here.  Which is:  the scales of literary publishing are weighted against people of color, poor people, and (I might add) women.  We know it’s true, it’s no surprise.  But she says intelligent, reasonable things in an intelligent, reasonable fashion.  And many people agree in intelligent, reasonable ways, and a few people probably disagree in intelligent, reasonable ways (or at least offer alternative ideas) and I guess a lot of people just get shouty.  The shoutiness makes me so weary.  Also, this:

To my mind, one of the reasons these conversations are so difficult, particularly between white people and people of color, is because, so often, white people question concerns raised as if the question is not “how do we solve this problem,” but rather, “does this problem exist.”

This also makes me tired.  But wearily, I repost.  Because it’s an intelligent conversation that apparently still needs to be had.

ETA:  Nerdily, I keep track of the books I read each year, and run stats on them.  Last year, after trying consciously to read more women, more people of color, more Jewish folks, more everything/anything that isn’t just handed to me by the New York Times Review of Books, I achieved…29% books by women, 15% books by or about a person of color, and 4% by or about a (known) Jewish author/character.  That’s me, a feminist who’s slightly awake, trying.  That’s scary.


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