Sleep & Time

I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by taking the time to read–and now post–this,  since it’s about not having time to write.  Suffice to say I relate. It’s helpful to see someone else saying the same things I’ve been saying for the last ten years or so. And I can’t even imagine how writers with children do it. One reason I don’t post much to this blog is…it takes time.  Of which I never, ever have enough.

I’m not the only person who took a shine to this; there are lots of comments on the post. And I feel compelled to add, without getting deep into murky waters, this seems to me to be a gendered issue, too, since overall women still carry the largest burden of child-rearing and household work, and since women are still socialized to give up their time for others, and we’re paid less for equal work so we have to work more for the same gains, and…yeah. I’d say more but I have to go to work.

Had We But Sleep Enough, and Time, Zoe Zolbrod, at The Nervous Breakdown.

Gertrude Stein
George Eastman House, via Flickr Commons


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