Oh come ON.

The estimable VIDA offers some shaming stats on the number of women who review at, and whose books are reviewed by, the major magazines.  Meghan O’Rourke picks the story up at Slate; good comments in both places.

NPR reports on the lack of women contributing to Wikipedia.  (87% male contributors.)

The OpEd Project counts the percentages of oped pieces by men and women in major news outlets.  Guess how that works out.

HuffPost asks:  where are all the women in film?

Seriously, come ON.  To all the folks who pick up their New York Review of Books and don’t notice the bylines–or who notice and say in a thoughtful, beard-strokey manner, “But women just don’t compete the way men do,” or “But this magazine has mostly male readers, so of course they want male writers”: COME ON. Seriously.

Behold: this is what systemic bias looks like.



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