What I laughingly call a blog.

I admire folks who can post regularly to their blogs — there’s a definitely accumulator effect, whereby the more you say, the more there is to say.  What I find is, the less I say (or have time to post, at least) the less I have to say.  Breaking back through the ice isn’t pretty.

But here’s what there is:  we saw Hanna last weekend.  Awesome and great.  For lots of reasons.  I’m reading Richard Wright, Black Boy.  Awesome and great, for lots of reasons.  Also sad and awful for lots of reasons.  We’re watching Parks and Rec in spare moments.  Awesome and great.  It’s (kind of) spring.  Awesome.  And great.

All these things are recommended.  More recommended experiences later.

Richard Wright












Richard Wright, courtesy Marquette University Archives.


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