Survival posts

I added a couple of new links to the Survival page, which is an ongoing project.

Writerly advice is sometimes repetitive (do the work, do the work, do the work), sometimes contradictory (write the book you want to read, write knowing that nobody owes you their time and you need to write in gratitude for your reader’s attention.)  Mostly I read it and forget it, bottom out, then rediscover it, drag it around like a binky for a while, lose it, forget it, bottom out, start over.

This is pretty much how Lynda Barry frames the creative process in What It Is.  You remember how creative work happens while you’re doing it, then you stop for the day, come back the next day, and you’re starting from scratch again, scared of the blank page.  What It Is is a wonderful book, and that piece of it has really stuck with me.  I remember, I forget, I remember, I forget.  Apparently I’m not alone.


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