Reading aloud.

It’s a little late to mention this, but I read last weekend at the Olympia Timberline Regional Library, along with Gigi Little (Powell’s Books) and Susan Scott (Secret Garden Books.)  It was a gorgeous day, the first sunny day we’ve ever had on the west coast.  Ever.  In living memory.

This is…not a great thing for a reading.  For readings (and operas, and movie openings, and community theater, probably) you kind of want gloomy, grey weather.  Not so bad that people look out the window and say, “Meh, I’m staying home,” and not so good that they say, “Meh, I’m going to the water park.”  Last Saturday was freaking gorgeous.  I’m surprised anyone showed up at all–including Kelsey Smith, the awesome librarian who organized the event.

Reading to a really small audience is part of the time-honored ritualistic process of becoming a writer.  Or something.  It may just be part of the time-honored ritualistic testing of the sacred bonds of marriage, since spouses are generally dragged to these things, and often make up two thirds of the audience.  (Not that I counted or anything.)  I’m pleased to say that my marriage is still intact, and that Gigi, Susan, and Kelsey are all great folks to share a beautiful summer evening with.


Poster for The Pacific Northwest Reader Reading


2 responses to “Reading aloud.

  1. This is wonderful, Karen! I wish I could have arrived a day early to be one of the rapt listeners in your audience!

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