The Reapers are the Angels

I picked this book up at ALA this year, and devoured it on the way home.  And now I want to say something smart about it, something that will make anyone reading this run out to buy a copy…but I just read some of the reader reviews on Amazon and honestly, people are already saying all the right things about it.  Highlights:

“I was not expecting this work of art that caught me up and shook me and broke my heart because it is both so beautiful and so sad. Zombies: the new face of magic realism. Who knew? ”

“I think I just finished one of the best books I’ve ever read. How did you do that, Alden Bell? How did you do it in a zombie novel? ”

“Alden Bell’s The Reapers are The Angels is the perfect combination of Charles Portis’ True Grit and the classic zombie flick Night of the Living Dead. If you are a fan of the highest quality literature, thought provoking themes and the supernatural then there is nothing lacking in this book.”

No kidding.  Those are taken from actual reviews–just the first few in the list.  The superlatives continue.

So this is just a little tiny signal-boost.  If this book passed you by, go get a copy now and read it.  And write a nice note to Mr. Alden Bell when you’re finished.  I did, and he wrote me back.  Classy as hell.

cover image of the reapers are the angels.  girl with hand over her face, peeking through fingers.


2 responses to “The Reapers are the Angels

  1. I watched you devouring this on the way home and wondered what you were reading. Now I know!

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