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New story: Flight suit

I have a new short story up at the Reading Local Portland site, called Flight Suit.  It was written in response to the prompt, “launch,” for the RLP website relaunch.

All going well, all the stories solicited for the collection will be published in a chapbook by Publication Studio, an awesome local publisher/bookbindery/arts incubator project by Matthew Stadler and Patricia No.  I’m sure looking forward to that.

In other news, beloved wife and I (and ten friends) ran Hood to Coast this weekend, and survived.  Our team suffered the following:  heatstroke (it was 95 degrees the first day), burglary (at the PDX exchange–secure your gear, everyone!), hworfing, cramping, confusion, delay, and interminable traffic waits.  No kidding, people were waiting three hours to get into sleeping areas because there was so much traffic this year.

This will mean nothing to anyone who doesn’t know or follow Hood to Coast.  (It’s a 200-mile relay from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast.)  But trust me:  when you are in a van with six of your favorite people, struggling to get to a destination to rest for two or three hours at three am before you get back on the road to run another seven miles, and you have already run five miles and you are going to run another six in the following afternoon…you want those two hours in your sleeping bag in the middle of the field.

Our team is the best ever, and nobody killed anybody else.



Gabe Barber, the hard-working guy behind Reading Local Portland, recently solicited stories on the theme “Launch,” in honor of the launch of his newly-designed website.

He’s started posting the stories on the RLP site, and once they’re all up he’ll be working with Publication Studio (helmed by the delightful and talented Matthew Stadler and Patricia  No) to print a chapbook collection.  Publication Studio is an on-demand printer and binder of books, an e-book publisher, and a lot of other things all wrapped into one sleek, stylish Portland package.  One face of the future of publishing, that is to say.

Gigi Little’s story “Window Seat” just went up on the RLP site.  It’s a delightful moment of suspension in a woman’s life, between flying and falling.  I recommend.

New interview: Laura Moulton + Street Books

I recently interviewed Laura Moulton, who’s using funding from the Regional Arts & Culture Council to run a bike-powered street library for people living outside in Portland.

Here’s Laura in action.  Pretty awesome, no?