Amazon ruins everything

Well, not everything.  I’m loading up on a bunch of free Kindle classics, and just grabbed a single of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.  You may know it.  If you don’t, don’t read the rest of this post.  Here’s a picture instead, to prevent your getting spoiled.

Civil War soldier portraitUnidentified soldier in Union sack coat in front of American flag, courtesy Library of Congress.

Anyway, here’s what the Amazon put for the story review:

Short story by Ambrose Bierce, published in 1891 in Tales of Soldiers and Civilians, a collection that in 1898 was revised, enlarged, and retitled In the Midst of Life. The narrative concerns the final thoughts of a Southern planter as he is being hanged by Union soldiers. In the brief period between the tightening of the noose and the actual breaking of his neck, the man imagines his escape.

Also, Bruce Willis is a ghost.


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