Hunger Mountain Menagerie is here…I think!

I have a few copies of the latest issue of Hunger Mountain in hand, and I think they may be out in the world on their own now, too.  I have to say, the cover design is gorgeous and the contents are amazing.  You’ve got your Ron Carlson, your Pam Houston, your Robin Black and your Marge Piercy and your Edith Pearlman, along with a whole passel of other awesome folks.

I’m tickled to see a story by Heather E. Goodman in there, too.  Heather and I were at the Tin House Summer Writers’ Workshop together in 2008, in Andrea Barrett’s class.  Heather wrote a terrific story about a snake.  It’s great to be in her company again.

The issue theme is “menagerie,” which is to say:  animals, creatures, beasties, oddities.  Just the kind of thing that cranks my gears.  There are reminiscences about childhood pets (some funny, some ill-fated), as well as strange and fantastical stories about real and imagined critters.  It’s a great collection, beautifully edited.

My short story, “Nocturne,” is in there, and I’ll be sending a copy off to one generous soul who contributed to the 2011 Strange Horizons fund drive.  I’ll also be sending a copy of Alden Bell’s The Reapers are the Angels, not because I have anything to do with that excellent book, but because I think it’s under-read and absolutely amazing.  Literary zombie fiction, for reals.  Put it on your holiday shopping list!  You won’t be disappointed.


One response to “Hunger Mountain Menagerie is here…I think!

  1. Hey! I’m in there! With you! (“Last Dog,” the taxidermy one.)
    I just found your blog because I listened to the Late Night Conversation with Roxane Gay and your name was familiar, so I Googled you and then remembered, “Oh, yes! Nocturne! The one with the wino angel!” And I mean wino angel in the absolute best way. And then there was this post, and I couldn’t resist commenting and saying Hey, what a cool story that was.
    That’s all.

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