Poets & Writers shouts out Late Night Library

I’ve recently become a board member of Late Night Library, an excellent bicoastal literary venture by Paul Martone and Erin Hoover.  Together they host a podcast that discusses the work of new writers-fiction writers and poets who have just published a first book.

What I find really interesting about LNL is that Erin and Paul do close readings of the texts in conversation.  They read excerpts, discuss craft, and talk in detail about the work.  Reviews are great, but I haven’t seen (or heard) a lot of other critics giving this much careful attention to single works–let alone new works by unknown authors.

So I was super-pleased to see that Poets & Writers just mentioned LNL in their News and Trends feature.  Copping their text here:

Late Night Library, a monthly podcast out of New York City and Portland, Oregon, presents close readings and conversation about contemporary poetry and fiction with writers Erin Hoover and Paul Martone. Each week the bicoastal duo discuss a book by an early career author, spotlighting writers such as Kara Candito, Leslie Jamison, and Mathias Svalina. The free podcast is available on the Late Night Library website (www.latenightlibrary.org) and via subscription on iTunes.

What they said.  Nice work, Paul and Erin!


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