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2011 in review: the writing numbers

I have a cold and I’m a little bleary today, so this could be wronger than usual.  But I think this is where my numbers stand for the 2011 calendar year.

Number of submissions made (the whole shebang):  93

Number of rejections:  59
Personal:  24
Form:  34
Hard to say:  1

Number of acceptances:  5

Longest time out:  329 days (I’m looking at you, McSweeney’s)

Shortest time out:  0 (a tie between Word Riot and Indiana Review–although the IR piece was one I withdrew.)

What’s that definition of insanity, again?  Something something something…expecting different results?


Gone, or, What is on Katherine Moennig’s head?

Wife and I are eagerly awaiting mildly interested in the release of the upcoming film Gone, which looks like your pretty standard yucktastic slasher fare but which was filmed here in Portland.  You don’t get to see Portland in films a lot, especially not as itself (rather than Boston or Generic Grey Rainy City.)  Plus, this has Amanda Seyfried in it, and she was in Jennifer’s Body, genuflect.

It also has Katherine Moennig, who is a separate point of excitement in our household, for slightly different reasons.  We were excited to consider the possibility that on the two nights when aerial filming took place on our dumpy little street in St Johns, KM was possibly up in a helicopter looking down, thinking, hey, look at that neat little farmhouse with the overgrown yard and the hurricane cellar that needs major work.  I’d like to know the people who live there.

We’re also excited to see what’s on her head.  Because it’s always special.

That is a lot of split ends for a District Attorney.  Or whatever.

We love you, Katherine.  Don’t ever change.

The year in review: 66 books

Each year I track the books I read, with the aim of getting the grand total somewhere, anywhere, above 50.  When I started this a few years ago, I was reading a lot online and at work…and almost no books.  Now, after three years of building up my readin’ muscles, I knock down 66 books no sweat.

Yes, no, I know that’s not earth-shaking.  I know people who read well over a hundred books in a year, to which I say WHAT THE WHAT.  I don’t know how they do it–not with full-time jobs and families and life and stuff.  Maybe they watch less Parks and Recreation.  But that is not the path for me.

I’m happy with my 66 books in 2011, especially since this is the first year when I’ve managed a fair representation of women authors.  It baffles me, how after three years of keeping track and paying attention, I’m still struggling to make the fifty-fifty mark there.  I’m a feminist, I’m trying.  I’m humbled.

I also know I’m behind on books by folks of color, non-American folks, and pretty much everyone else outside of the publishing mainstream.  That’s an ongoing battle.  For 2012, I hope.

For now, the annual cover collage:

A thing of beauty.