The year in review: 66 books

Each year I track the books I read, with the aim of getting the grand total somewhere, anywhere, above 50.  When I started this a few years ago, I was reading a lot online and at work…and almost no books.  Now, after three years of building up my readin’ muscles, I knock down 66 books no sweat.

Yes, no, I know that’s not earth-shaking.  I know people who read well over a hundred books in a year, to which I say WHAT THE WHAT.  I don’t know how they do it–not with full-time jobs and families and life and stuff.  Maybe they watch less Parks and Recreation.  But that is not the path for me.

I’m happy with my 66 books in 2011, especially since this is the first year when I’ve managed a fair representation of women authors.  It baffles me, how after three years of keeping track and paying attention, I’m still struggling to make the fifty-fifty mark there.  I’m a feminist, I’m trying.  I’m humbled.

I also know I’m behind on books by folks of color, non-American folks, and pretty much everyone else outside of the publishing mainstream.  That’s an ongoing battle.  For 2012, I hope.

For now, the annual cover collage:

A thing of beauty.


One response to “The year in review: 66 books

  1. you inspired me to track my reading this/last year. i’m not sure of the exact total but counting graphic novels (which I think are balanced out by the likes of the mists of avalon), i think i got 64. yay books!

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