2011 in review: the writing numbers

I have a cold and I’m a little bleary today, so this could be wronger than usual.  But I think this is where my numbers stand for the 2011 calendar year.

Number of submissions made (the whole shebang):  93

Number of rejections:  59
Personal:  24
Form:  34
Hard to say:  1

Number of acceptances:  5

Longest time out:  329 days (I’m looking at you, McSweeney’s)

Shortest time out:  0 (a tie between Word Riot and Indiana Review–although the IR piece was one I withdrew.)

What’s that definition of insanity, again?  Something something something…expecting different results?


2 responses to “2011 in review: the writing numbers

  1. Karen, this is a great compilation and I’d say 5 out of 93 isn’t bad…but I’m very curious to know about the “hard to say” which is either a form letter so well done it seems personal, or a personal response that is so cold is seems formulaic, yes? Thanks for all this.

  2. I think your count must not include all my acceptances.


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