Let’s help PANK raise money!

Just a quick note for a Friday afternoon:  literary journal, collective, cabal, or whatchamacallit PANK is raising some funds.  Their goal is a cool $4K, and they’re about a quarter of the way there.  If you like free online stories, essays, and poems by interesting people, about interesting things, perhaps you’ll toss a few bucks in their kitty.

Look, here’s a link to their Crime Issue, which has a story by Chris Offutt.

Look, here’s a story by Rachel Swirsky.

And look, here’s a whole issue called Science and Fiction.

Also, I recently invited myself awkwardly into a green room kind of thing with Roxane Gay, one of the PANK editors, and she was beyond gracious and sweet.  I had no place in that room, is what I’m saying.  But I went in anyway, to say hello to her.  And she had no problem with that.

Donate!  And read!





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